Shipping Schedule

The November voyage schedule is below. All dates are weather permitting.
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Auckland Departure 22 Nov


Auckland Close Off Nov 22, 2021

Estimated Arrival Dec 5, 2021

Voyage ST286NFK

Napier Departure 30 Nov

Napier to Chathams

Napier Close Off Nov 30, 2021

Estimated Arrival Dec 10, 2021

Voyage ST287NW

Chathams Departure 09 Dec

Chathams to Timaru

Chathams Close Off Dec 9, 2021

Estimated Arrival Dec 15, 2021

Voyage ST287WT

Timaru Departure 10 Dec

Timaru to Chathams

Timaru Close Off Dec 10, 2021

Estimated Arrival Dec 19, 2021

Voyage ST288TW

Freight Requirements

Please ensure all freight is fit for sea voyage and the following requirements are meet or the freight may be refused.

  1. All freight must have the receivers name clearly on it, if the receiver is not the freight payer then that information must be on the freight as well or ensure the payers information is correct on the booking form.
  2. The freight must be received well protected & secured to the pallet (if on a pallet) & forklift able if required - if it isn’t then the freight will be refused and the supplier/customer will need to organise redelivery with the correct protection/secured correctly,
  3. All vehicles and other machinery of any kind are to be delivered cleaned to Bio Security Standards or they well be refused.
  4. Dangerous Goods must be declared and arrive with the correct Maritime Transport Form – IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration.
  5. All freight must be pre-booked especially Bulk frozens, please use the booking form on our website. Please make sure all freight is clearly marked with consignee, and whether it is Frozen or Chilled.
  6. Freight close off is 12pm of Date listed unless stated otherwise.

All goods are carried at owner’s risk basis. This means that CISL will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged unless CISL loses or damages them intentionally. Refer to our Terms & Conditions. Any claim must be in writing & received in writing and received within 7 days of receival.

For urgent freight enquiries, please call one of our Logistics Team members to discuss options. 



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