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All Dates are weather permitting. For more information see our full schedule.

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Pitt Calls

Aug 5, 2021

CISL is committed to all members of the Chatham Island Community and acknowledges the requirement for exporting Livestock. As such, the following two actions are in force:... read more...

Chatham Island Shipping

Chatham Islands Shipping is the exclusive sea freight carrier of all export and imported goods to and from the Chatham Islands to mainland New Zealand with regular runs between Napier - Waitangi - Pitt Island and Timaru.

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CISL is the exclusive sea freight carrier of all export and import goods.

Please ensure all freight is fit for sea voyage, check our scedule and use our booking form to secure your cargo on a voyage.

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Chatham Islands Shipping run a regular service between Napier, Waitangi, Pitt Island and Timaru. 

All dates are weather permitting.

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