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Jun 3, 2024

We are now into the final stages of completing the repairs to the Southern Tiare. It has been a long and frustra... read more...

Chatham Islands Shipping

Chatham Islands Shipping is the exclusive sea freight carrier of all export and imported goods to and from the Chatham Islands to mainland New Zealand with regular runs between Waitangi - Pitt Island and Timaru.



Chatham Islands Border Biosecurity “NO PEST PLEASE”

SPS Biota supports the Chatham Islands Council (CIC), and Environment Canterbury with the Chatham Islands border biosecurity (operating under the Biosecurity Act and CIC Pest Management Plan).

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The goal of the border biosecurity programme is to maintain the pest free status of the Chatham Islands and facilitate the safe movement of people, freight, and equipment.

Anything shipped or transported could provide a pathway for pests (such as weed species, insects, marine pests & diseases) to arrive on the Chatham Islands. In fact, some high-risk pathways like soil are prohibited.

Please contact us: 0800 246 821 or [email protected]

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